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Olsburger Films is an independent film production company focusing on narrative fiction, founded by Oliver Richards in 2019


Having gained experience in film production in the UK, Oliver worked as producer and editor on feature documentaries Silhouette Secrets (2016) and Endgame (2018), both directed by Andi Reiss. With this background in film production, visual effects and editing, Oliver set out to create strong stories with the most efficient tools possible.

Having seen leading industry film makers make professional productions with only a small smartphone, it became clear that story-telling with a smartphone has a serious future in the film industry and we began writing and filming our own stories with only an iPhone. These stories have formed a series of short films known collectively as the One Man Band series: an anthology of short films, all filmed with a smartphone, and Oliver taking on all roles in front and behind the camera.


Our most recent in this series is  a one minute short called 2020 which was released online in late December of 2019. In the new year and beyond we have the intention of moving into more collaborative projects where we have two short screenplays currently in development.

2020 (Short, 2019)

2020 began as an entry for a competition hosted by Mobile Movie Making Magazine which wanted you to create a one minute film based on a prediction for the coming year.















Vacant (Trailer, 2019)

With an opportunity to do horror, a concept trailer was created for a feature-length screenplay, this was the third of the One Man Band series. Shot on the phone with no actors, crew or budget.


In 2019, The trailer was the winner of Mobile Movie Making’s Closeup Video Contest.

With highly positive reviews of the trailer, a feature film screenplay was written and is currently undergoing a further review process before seeking development funding. 


























THIRSTY?  (Short, 2019)


Thirsty? Drink anywhere, any device….

  With smartphones and tablets now dominating our lives, so has the increase of ‘Lifestyle apps’. The second of the One Man Band series this film came out of an interest of looking at how these apps actually benefit our lives, and ultimately, what they take away. 

  Included in the official selection’s of the Smartfone Flickfest in Australia and the MicroMania Film Festival in the USA.

















Abduction  (Short, 2018)

Abduction came out of having no gear and no actors yet still wanting to make films. The first of a series of One Man Band short films - I set out to make a short story filmed on the smartphone in my pocket with only myself in front and behind the camera.

  The film premiered online in November 2018 and was included in the official selection of the Oxford International Short Film Festival in 2019.






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